• Preg testing for cattle
  • Accurate and efficient
  • No hidden cost
  • Heifers/cows/dairy/beef
  • Pre-winter testing

Diagnosis options

Murney Cattle Scanning provides a professional and efficient pregnancy testing service using high tech ultrasound equipment. Manual palpation is also used when necessary.

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cattle preg testing

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“Matt Murney delivered everything promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high! His testing was accurate and he was great to deal with.”


We will bring all the equipment to do the testing.

You will need to mark your cows as required and provide paint for marking. You will need to ensure the a steady flow of the cattle through the race.

Matt Murney has been working in the field of Cattle Pregnancy testing for 7 years. He has worked extensively in the Northern Territory of Australia and throughout Canterbury, Otago and other parts of the South Island. Please refer to our testimonials.


Matt was born and grew up in New Zealand. He has a BA in Agriculture and has worked in agriculture all his life. He is a farm owner in South Canterbury.

cattle pregnancy testing services

The optimal time to scan cows with a rectal probe is day 42 to day 95 of pregnancy.

Make a booking for 6 weeks after you complete mating.
​E.g: if you remove the bull on 27th Dec then testing is best done on the 8th Feb,

on the day

You can choose:

Wet/dry only
Lates, cycles or twins.
Individual calving dates.

Testing can be done in your dairy shed, in a race or in other suitable facilities.


Phone: 027-279-8528

Murney Cattle Scanning is centrally based in the Waimate\Timaru Districts, servicing the South Island.

“Matt did a great job and identified accurately in calf rates.